Information About Our Domestic Staffing Agency

A domestic staffing agency can be the answer to many challenges faced by today’s busy families. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by just thinking of the number of things that you have to attend to in your home, it can feel very daunting. Our agency’s goal is to take away your stress by finding the perfect domestic support staff that will fit your unique needs.

If you have ever tried to find domestic help on your own, you know that it can very time-consuming in screening and interviewing applicants. Our full-service agency simplifies this whole process. We screen and check their background thoroughly. We carefully interview them and check and their references. We evaluate their experience and even take note of their personality, their likes, and dislikes. This is an important aspect of the interview because we believe that not only does the applicant need to have the skill and experience, but the applicant must be compatible with the lifestyle of the employer in order to determine if this would be an ideal match.

The staff whom we recommend to our clients are all highly trained and experienced in their particular area of expertise. We understand that entrusting someone with access to your home is a big step. This is why we carefully consider each potential candidate before we recommend the individual to you. You will have an opportunity to interview the applicant and decide whether or not the applicant will fit your needs. We want you to be completely comfortable and satisfied with the applicant before we confirm the placement.

We realize that every household’s needs are different. We have staff who have a wide spectrum of experience. Whether you need someone living in full-time or someone who can just come during the day, we have staff who can meet your needs.

Perhaps most of your household needs are met, but you just do not have time to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family every day. You are tired of eating out and would like to enjoy high quality, nutritious meals at home. You can consider hiring a private chef. The chef will do all of the grocery shopping and preparation of the meals based on your tastes and preferences. You and your family can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals freshly prepared every day.

Maybe you do not have the time or energy to keep your house clean. Housekeeping takes a lot of effort. You do not have to sacrifice your weekends to clean the house. We have trained housekeepers who can keep your house clean and fresh so you can enjoy your weekends doing something relaxing and fun.

Perhaps your needs are bigger. If you have a large estate, it can be difficult to manage on your own. We have highly experienced, professional estate managers who can manage all aspects of your household. If you have multiple domestic staff working in your home, he can help coordinate and supervise the household staff. He is your assistant in keeping your household running smoothly.

We can also take care of your food. If you want to have delicious and healthy meals every day for your whole family you should really consider hiring a private chef here.

These are just a few examples of the support that our agency can provide. Our pool of experienced domestic staff includes nannies, caregivers, chauffeurs, personal assistants, and more. When you use our domestic staffing agency, you can have peace of mind that the staff who is placed in your employment will deliver service of exceptional quality. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you need help with any aspect of your household, contact us for a consultation. You will find that our service is comprehensive and easy to use. Let us help you ease your worries and free up your time so you will have more time to enjoy the things you like and improve your quality of life.